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πŸ‘‰Sample Report

Bryan Harris
Growth Tools

β€œSourcing good candidates is everything for us. I was impressed with the niche job boards they they found.”

Megan Bianco
Scott's Cheap Flights

"Hopefully a good testimonial."

Nat Eliason
Growth Machine

"They were able to take our public job description, do some research, and came back with a number of job boards I hadn't initially thought of to make our promotion more targeted. It should definitely help put our listing in front of the right people."

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Sample Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What types of jobs does this work for?
This works for all jobs. There are thousands of job boards on the internet-related to roles (Developers, Marketers), industries (Sports, Crypto), hobbies (Cooking, Outdoors), and experience (Recent Graduates, VPs).

❓ Why can't I just post a job on my website?
You can and should! However, unless you're a large organization, most people won't come to your website specifically to find jobs. Posting your job in other places gives you a greater audience to find the right person for your role.

❓ What do I receive?
You'll receive a detailed report specific to your role and organization with at least 5 options for sourcing candidates.

❓ What do these job boards cost?
The Job Boards we find vary based on their target customer and reach. The more specialized and larger audience a job board has, generally the higher the cost. We will include this information in the report.

❓ Why is this so expensive?
Hours are spent searching for the best places to post your job opening and putting together a recommendation report. Your report is not copy and pasted to everyone-we research your company, your role, and put together a plan for you to attract the best candidates.

❓ What if I'm not satisfied?
If you aren't 100% satisfied I will gladly refund you!

❓ Who are you? What if I have another question?
My name is Noah! I'm an Indie Hacker and really appreciate your support. You can reach me on Twitter.